Bella - Zoe's Angels

Hi my names Bella im 12 years old! I live and have a lot of daily struggles and pain with JIA and TRAPS I wanted to talk to you about how you can power through it like me and my family did! Obviously when I first got diagnosed it was hard, my family diddn’t really know much about JIA it was one of those things that you couldn’t change you have to live with it one way or another….. you could give up and take it out on everyone that ever loved you like I did for a short period of time, but I powered through it and I believe that you can to! School is hard sometimes well a lot of the time especially because I have to change classes now, if your in high school reach out tell the school so that they can help you in need the same thing goes for primary schoolers. Its harder for us kids because no one will get it your friends wont but if you guide your teachers and friends to help them understand I’m 99.9% positive they will understand. I know its frustrating when you have those sore days and no one understands you, but believe me when I say this because I had to learn the hard way, people will understand speak out and speak up.

My parents support me a lot, I do have really bad days but they do help me its just I want to learn about my problems and I have so, so that if their not there I can tell people what is going on. My doctor- Dr.Ben Whitehead has helped me sooooooo much, before him I was in excruciating pain and the doctors thought they knew what they were doing but they did not. I know that you will get the hang of it even though there is no set cure you cant be in the dumps all the time, be positive, happy and strong like I know you can and hopefully you will find your home and comfort with us; Zoe’s Angel’s!